Out of the Vault

Peek into The Strong’s world-renowned collections (regularly featured on Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum) in Out of the Vault—an exhibit exploring the museum’s diverse toy, doll, board game, and video game holdings. See a sampling of what’s rare and unusual, as well as what’s typical and representative, among The Strong’s more than 460,000 artifacts, including:

  • Toys of all types, from teddy bears to refrigerators and Curious George to Power Rangers
  • Dolls from the 1800s made of ceramic or papier-mache, and newer ones such as Marine Corps. Barbie
  • Games of all types, including travel backgammon, the Nuclear War card game, and the Settlers of Catan board game
  • A range of jigsaw puzzles, including an early Disney puzzle from 1933
  • Rare arcade games, such as an Atari’s Gotcha (1973), and pioneering pinball machines like Williams’ Saratoga (1948), the first machine to feature electromechanical bumpers
  • Electronic games from around the world, such as the early Mattel Electronics Baseball (1978) and the Japanese version of Nintendo’s Mario Kart 64 (1996)
  • Treasures from the museum’s archives, including early Raggedy Ann and Andy illustrations, industrial design sketches for the iconic video game Gauntlet (1985), and rules for the board game Cluedo (which became Clue)

Out of the Vault remains on view through June 3, 2018.